Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Solution


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a tool that is used to encrypt and in turn protect data that is being transmitted to and from a web server. It uses the technique of cryptography in order to implement SSL Server security. 
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Establishing the Secure socket layer authentication is very important. This SSL solution is popular in businesses that operate on the internet such as in e-commerce and internet banking. 


Use of SSL

Any company that puts up personal information like address, telephone number, date of birth, and credit card information should make use of the SSL technologies for better server security. The use of cryptography products using SSL solutions gives the customers a sense of comfort knowing that their data is safe from intruders and hackers.

Not all SSLs are equal. Depending upon a company's needs, there may be different secure socket layers that are utilized. The most common SSL is a fully authenticated SSL certificate.

It is also useful for global business platforms as we can see an increase in the use of the Internet by all.

While generating Internet technology also motivates online fraud, also known as hacking. In the past few years Cyber crimes have increased to a great extent. The data stealers/Hackers have the ability to steal data from a user's computer or network and in turn use this information to abuse them. Due to this type of trouble, users feel vulnerable and this deters them from giving away personal information.

To resolve these problems SSL Certificates have been initiated. SSL were created and implemented by Netscape in 1994. Netscape makes use of the encryption and decryption methods to make data secure and unreadable for hackers. Due to the encryption of the data, Hackers find it difficult to get access to important data. 

Few authorities authorize SSL like VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL. All these CAs (Certificate Authorities) are legal for issuing web trust certificates. Sites install and utilize SSL encryption to protect all data; including login query, credit card transactions, or any confidential detail. This help increase user confidence and site reliability and safety for your live online business. 

Your online interaction through the internet is kept private with our SSL solution. It will help customers gain confidence to interact with your website. Without using SSL, it will be like leaving the credit card number for all to view. 

SSL Certificate Features 
  • Up to 256 bit encryption
  • Highest Browser Recognition in the industry
  • Quick Issue
  • Domain name verification
  • Unlimited Free Reissues
  • Supports
It works just like how you seal your mail in an envelope before posting. It helps create trust among your customers while doing business through web in the client's website. SSL provides you with a bit of code on your web server that gives security for all of your online communications. Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your client's web browsers.

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