Windows Hosting


Windows Hosting is on a server that is using the Windows operating system. Simple but this doesn’t have much to do with the operating system you use to run your home computer. The primary reason for using Windows web hosting is that it offers ASP, ASP.NET and MSSQL. These are types of scripting languages and databases that only run on Windows. In addition Windows can also run all the web standards like PHP, MySQL, and more.

For our recommendations on who to use for Windows web hosting try our Top Rated Windows Web Hosts. Its hard to find a stable Windows host as Windows seems to be a bit more finicky than Linux.

Why would someone want to use Windows instead of Linux?
A lot of developers create web scripts and sites using ASP.NET which only runs on Windows. It also has some advantages of being able to integrate with other Windows products. More than anything it is probably just a matter of preference on how you create your dynamic sites. Especially since Windows hosting can also support PHP and MySQL.




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