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While this might seem very similar to marketing for a regular brick and mortar (physical) store, somebody who has taken effort to reach a physical store has more investment in the visit. Since the actual requirement or need is asking them to put time, energy and effort to reach the store, these visitors are more likely to make 'some' purchase.

On the other hand, a visitor to your eCommerce Website might have reached with much less effort, may be a single click. Even they can leave also very fast - again, a single click. This ensures that the investment in terms of efforts for the visitor to reach your site is very less. Hence, these visitors have less motivation to make a purchase at your site.
Dilemma for Small Business Owners

The above scenario has lead to a situation (most eCommerce Marketing companies are recommending) where it is imperative to bring lots of traffic to your website since the conversion rate is very less. This has led to a continuously increasing cost to bring traffic to the eCommerce Websites for small and medium businesses.

Our Solution

Our eCommerce Promotion Strategy is different and looks at the total acquisition cost of customer and increased ROI on a long term basis. The key would be to bring most relevant visitors at the lowest possible cost, increasing sales per order and to be able to bring them back for similar purchases later (cheapest (almost free) customers). Our strategy is primarily divided into 3 groups:
1. Bring the Visitor to your eCommerce Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Text/Banner Ads)
  • Product and Category structure for effective Product Rankings
  • Google Products and other comparison shopping optimization
  • Online Classifieds
2. Entice the Visitor to purchase (convert visitor to a customer)
  • Site effectiveness, appropriate Call-to-Action areas
  • Shopping Cart Optimization
  • Promotions, Coupons, Sale - motivation for visitor to purchase
  • Customer Connect - emotional content
  • Increase Sales Per Order - associated products, customer recommendations, reviews
3. Repeat Business - bring the Customer back
  • Customer Service
  • Newsletters reminding them of upcoming promotions, New Coupons, Seasonal Sale
  • Feedback Mechanism
Why risk Sales

Contact Us and take advantage of the proven eCommerce Marketing& Promotion strategies to make your business a Success! Call us at +919214328821,+919251458028 to get started right away!




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