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eCommerce Website Design and Development is an important aspect of an eCommerce Website since it can directly impact the traffic/sales/profits and affect business immediately. Though the basics for eCommerce Web Design are the same as any other website, ease of navigation, usability, Call-to-Action areas, product layout as well as selection of shopping cart and payment solutions has a big impact on the success of an eCommerce Website business.

Important decisions before Web Design

There are few important decisions to be made before the actual eCommerce Website Design takes shape.
  • Merchant Account and Payment Gateway
    A Merchant Account with Payment Gateway are required for easy and seamless payments for the purchases made by shoppers. Easy payments with more options including Credit Cards have proven to increase conversions. Another factor is Trust - which impacts lots of online shopping decisions, would improve with own Merchant Account.
  • Online eCommerce Solution
    One decision that would require maximum research and that could have an impact on the success of the eCommerce Website. The aspects to be considered are product layout on the front end, web design & layout flexibility, navigation features, SEO friendliness, features in the backend admin and merchant/payment gateway integrations available in vanilla version.
Our Value Proposition

Our expertise and experience of eCommerce Marketing as well as eCommerce Web Design, eCommerce Web Development makes us a one-stop shop for your eCommerce Store requirements plus adds tremendous value to each step of eCommerce Website Design. Following are the areas where we would offer significant value that can be an important factor for your eCommerce Website's success.
Selection of Online eCommerce Solution

SEO is an important factor in selecting the right eCommerce platform for your website. Having worked with several popular frameworks like zencart, osCommerce, Virtuemart, x-cart, magento, we are in a position to provide you the right solution for your requirements. Our selection would be based on how strong the product categorization the shopping cart allows, SEO friendly URLs for all pages, ease of management of SEO elements, number of steps in a purchase process and overall flexibility in ecommerce web design and development.
Custom SEO Applications

Most shopping cart solutions are not 100% SEO ready with each of them having different gaps in the SEO requirements. With our strong focus on eCommerce Promotion and its need for eCommerce success, we have developed our own tools/plugins for most popular shopping cart solutions which ensure best search engine results for your eCommerce Website.
Custom Web Design

With our experience in various market segments, our solution is tuned to your market requirements and user behavior. If we give what visitors want, more chances of success.

Contact Us and take advantage of the proven eCommerce Marketing& Promotion strategies to make your business a Success! Call us at +919214328821,+919251458028 to get started right away!



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