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Looking for the latest open-source ecommerce platform that can handle all aspects of running and maintaining your ecommerce site that includes shopping carts, product reviews, shipping and so on?

The answer to your search is magento, a new open source eCommerce podium with a main goal of offering the online storeowners or webmasters an excellent variety of customize and fine tuning facilities.

What about Magento

As new as it is, Magento is packed with feature rich ecommerce solution. Many have appreciated several of its complete flexibility, content, controlled look as well as its online functionality. The reason why it is popular is that it offers.
  • Multipurpose and flexible- It can control every online store facet right from merchandising to promotion and much more. You can have unlimited creativity when it comes to Magento.
  • Attract as well as converts to give growth- The SEO features as well as the user friendly experience attracts as well as help to convert mostly competent customers that leads only to your business growth.
  • Market expansion- The magneto multi -store retail functionality will let you to reach out more customers, done by building target small sites.
  • Offers competitive as well as cost effective ownership- The commercial open source Magento business model can yield products that are excessively superior for a fraction of cost.


What we do

Ecommerce Solution have build competency over years in offering the in-depth knowledge of Magento service. We have a team of talented and expert designers and developers offering online shop/ ecommerce design and development utilizing Magento open source platform. Our team Magento developers can offer a complete magento integration that includes design, theme, payment gateway, development features, and programming. We focus on giving you instant satisfactory job that saves your time and money.
Magento services included
  • Magento Design & Development
  • Design magento Theme
  • Customization of magento themes designs as well as integration
  • Marketing promotion
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Magento skinning
  • CMS Pages
  • Widgets, button & Special effects
  • International Support
  • Checkout
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product Review




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